Our Vision

Everybody is entitled to have a personal bodyguard. We have developed the technical qualification in order to live out this right in times of digitilization cost-efficiently. Bodyguard4Life, is your digital bodyguard, within which all your data is protected throughout your lifetime.

The Realisation

Storing important documents online: Bodyguard4Life

Bodyguard4Life is a structured cloud for all things and data, which are important in your life. There is an essential advantage: whereas many other file-hosting-services store your data in big data processing centers in USA or Asia and often are not efficiently encrypted, we offer an extremely safe service.

Your data will be stored in Germany and is complex encrypted - totally without any advertising and guaranteed without data processing. By that your data is safely protected and no chance for any access for others. Simultaneously, in case of an emergency they are available for you worldwide online by desktop-PC, mobile or tablet in order to allow a fast access.

SOS-Data-bank & 4LIFE-KEY

You travel a lot, enjoy a nice family-life, go in for sports, or do you have a chronic illness? In case of emergency it can happen that you need your documents in addition to first health care. Possibly you are unconcious. Bodyguard4Life with its 4Life-Key offers a personal SOS-file in your cloud, in which you can store contact data of your family or partner and important medical information. Patient's power of attorney, organ donation and an authority to use can be stored here.

On your 4Life-Key there is printed the required access-code and pin to your SOS-file. At any time you carry with you the access-code on your healh-card, or on your sport-bracelet, on a necklace. Your 4Life-Key allows external persons, yet only first aid people, ambulancemen and doctors the access to important information of your SOS-file, in order to save your life – all other information remain safely stored.

Membership with Cloud System

After application you easily and comfortably can realise the advantages of your Bodyguard4Life. You can upload easily all information via desktop or smartphone as document, PDF or picture into your Bodyguard4Life-cloud. The disk space is free of charge. Billed will be the required volume of data, like it is with the smartphone-tariff.

Here you have the choice between 3 tariffs per year (valid for 12 months):

  • Bronze tariff 1GB for only 11,90€ per year
  • Silver tariff 4GB for only 24,90€ per year
  • Gold tariff 20 GB for only 69,90€ per year

By mail we wil send you your 4Life-Key for your health-card. You are welcome to buy further accessories in our online-shop. This online-shop offers you several 4Life-Key products like fashionable bracelets , necklaces, pendants, as well as a SOS-file for all your provsions in form of paper, ideal as presentation for your cloud provison-file.

Your added value within the Cloud

In addition to storing important data you can grant persons in your confidence the special authority to read your Bodyguard4Life in case of emergency. Thus your family/person of confidence or your doctor can always see the up-to-date SOS-data, which you have stored. Consequently you are never alone even in cases of emergency when you are no longer concious.

The settings button on our website opens all options to show close people your important SOS-information. In your Bodyguard4Life you can configurate an additional login for friends, family and doctors with names, e-mails and passwords.

My Cloud

Bodyguard4Life takes care if asked to store your favorite information. In MY CLOUD important fotographs of holidays, audio books, sales receipts etc., which otherwise would have been stored on your phone or computer.

Personal Data Bank

Do you want to store your data digitally? Bodyguard4Life offers a place for your most important data. Thanks to our high safety standard, birth certificate, last will, sale-contracts are completely protected – Made in Germany.

Even in the case of your home burning or a burglary taking place you can be sure, that your data is safely stored and cannot be lost.

Storing of travelling documents

Whilst in foreign countries you enjoy the freedom of unlimited travelling: in Bodyguard4Life important travelling documents are stored like flight-tickets, online-booking for accomodation and car rental, visa, health-insurance for travelling and passports, so in case of loss or theft you are able to continue your travels. All important documents can quickly and simply be reprinted in the Embassy of your home-country. Even if something happens unexpectedly – your Bodyguard4Life is on your side.