The Team

The Founders of Bodyguard4Life

Andreas Theisen and Stefan Theisen are the founders of Vorsorge 365 Ltd. , and are the owners of the system Bodyguard4Life, which they operate. For more than 20 years the brothers have been working independently in marketing and are running several brands in the sport and leisure business. On travels and in everday life one question comes up again and again: where can I find important documents of my life just now, when I need them ? In this digital age it should be possible to create a digital location where all my most important documents are on hand.

Scientific advisory board

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Heinemann

1986 Doctorate in Medicine at Medical Faculty oft University Bonn, 1991 licence for Gastroenterology, 2001 licence for Biochemistry 1992 - 1994 Research-visit at Laboratoy of Biochemical Genetics and Metabolism at Rockefeller University , New York (Prof. Dr. J. L. Breslow), 1999 Habilitation for Internal Medicine at Medical Faculty University Bonn , 2005 Doctorate at Philosophical Faculty University Bonn, 2007 extension of field of teaching to Internal Medicine and Biomedical Ethics. Since 2011 Professorship for “ Ethics, Theory and History of Medicine“ at Philosophical and Theological Univerasity Vallendar (PTHV). 2012 - 2016 Member of the German Ethical Council, since 2015 President of Ethic Council of the Katholic Board of Health- and Social-Institutions in the diocese Trier.

Dr. med. Franz-Ferdinand Kirchner

Study of Human Medicine at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (complementary study of Law from 1997 - 2002), 2004 approbation by practical course as doctor in Herz-Jesus-Hospital Dernbach, conducted by Dr. med. Haas, until August 2008 assistant doctor of Cardiology. 2012 licence as specialist of Cardiology. Until 2015 temporary director of Cardiology in Herz-Jesus-Hospital Dernbach. From February 2016 – October 2016 senior doctor of Interventional Cardiology in Hospital Montabaur (Dr. med. H. Faust), involved in setting up the Interventional Cardiology.

At present: Senior doctor of Cardiology in City-Hospital Korbach gGmbH (Dr. med. A. Schneider). Starting from July 2018 taking over the position of head physician of Cardiology in above hospital.